Open source software for the mobile web!

Welcome to OpenSiteMobile

We are developers for the mobile web, using only open source software technologies. Our goal is to aid in the creation of "responsive display websites". We do this through the integration of the best available web technologies and standard practices.

Our Software

We call our software MobileSiteOS™. The future is mobile, but the desktop will never go away. So we consider MobileSiteOS™ software as an "operational layer" between some of the best JavaScript libraries and the final web page. Our "layer" tries to provide for responsive web page design through the thoughtful integration of many developing HTML5, JavaScript and CSS technologies.

Originally, this concept was called the "One Web". By utilizing display size adjusted pages, a vast array of devices can access the same website with pleasing results. As it turns out, this is not a simple task. It requires the evaluation of many conflicting design aspects and a multitude of compromises.

Software Dependencies

With our goal in mind, we have made extensive use of the following JavaScript libraries. We consider them to be among the finest examples of current web programming applications available, and they form the base foundation for our software.

Demo's and Downloads

Here you will find our software demo. This application of MobileSiteOS™  provides a basic example of how to use our "" module to create a single page web app. Content injection is used to create a "multi-page" environment. And this 30+ "content-page" demo also highlights many of the individual components which make up MobileSiteOS™. At it's core, MobileSiteOS™ is a modular system of HTML, JavaScript and CSS coding goodness.